Cucumber Arugula Cream Cheese Sandwich

I did a funny thing last week.

I moved back to Boston after being in Hawaii for nearly a year, taking pictures, waiting tables, using my $5 Kitchenaid mixer to whip stiff peaks in 45 seconds, and managing to grow potted dinosaur kale in a subtropical climate.

Impressive, I know.

Hardly two days into moving in and I’ve already taken photos of some croissants for Boston Home Magazine.  Lucky break, I guess.

Also, I scavenged the streets of Allston looking for free furniture left to rot by college students and felt vindicated for my hoboness by this New York Times article.  Free stuff might even be better than these croissants.

So before going to that brief photo shoot at my alma mater bakery Clear Flour Bread (CFB), I had a funky albeit refreshing breakfast that made the usual bagel-and-cream-cheese default a thing o’ the past.  I’ll call it the. . .Cucumber Arugula Cream Cheese Breakfast Sandwich.  Yeah.

I love eating bread butts.  This loaf is from the CFB.  Buckwheat walnut.  Ohmygod so good.

I ate it on the go and not ONE leaf of arugula fell out.  I’s got’s me some mad skillz.

Cucumber Arugula Cream Cheese Sandwich.

Cucumber, super thinly sliced
Arugula, ripped by hand
However much cream cheese you want (enough for both pieces of bread)
Hearty bread (Buckwheat walnut is hard to come by, but whole wheat is perfect, too.)
Pepper, to taste

Slap it all together and run out the door!

Tell me what you think!

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