Breakfast Sandwich

Every so often I yearn for a routine.  When I was still in college, for about a month I would wake up, listen to Just for Now by Imogen Heap, make a cup of coffee and skedaddle out the door to my art history class.

When I got home, I’d make myself a pressed prosciutto sandwich with provolone cheese and grilled onions.

Everyday.  For a month.

Pending a new morning anthem, which may end up being this Beyoncé song I stumbled upon last night, my new routine features an evening pot of herbal tea (chamomile, hibiscus, and dried orange rind), sharing a conversation, and a chocolate chip cookie.

I may have to squeeze in this sandwich for breakfast.

Sometimes I only have time to brush my teeth in the morning.  Other times, I can make sandwiches with tomatoes, avocados, and sharp cheddar cheese.

And cook two eggs side by side and cut them in half.  Some of us enjoy open-faced sandwiches.  And earl grey tea.

What’s your routine?

3 thoughts on “Breakfast Sandwich

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