Breakfast Burrito

Top five anything without thinking ready, set, go!

1. Flossing – because then I can whistle through the tiny hole between my front teeth

2. Hot laundry – it’s like using a blow dryer without the split ends

3. The Way You Make Me Feel, Michael Jackson – forever in my top five

4. Crusty bread – with olive oil, dried rosemary and cracked pepper

5. Packages in the mail – presents year-round!

I like to keep my words on their toes, even though I write close to 4,000 everyday.

Food-service gigs have come in handy over the years. Within an hour of waking up, I can catch up on work, swallow a cup of tea, put away the dishes, inhale a bowl of Peanut Putter Puffins (oh my god I know – delicious) and prepare the day’s lunch. And snack (hint: it’s a bag of Puffins). Check it, what?

And sometimes, when I’m brave enough, I can make a super burrito.

These mesclun greens will one day be growing abundantly outside and I will never have to purchase salad again.

This burrito is on a whole wheat tortilla with sour cream, mesclun greens, grape tomatoes, one fried egg (over-easy), extra sharp cheddar cheese and a dollop of Floridian hot sauce from the downstairs neighbors. They went on vacation and I watched their cats.

Listen. Some mornings I press snooze twelve times. Other mornings I hop right on out in a super duper ball of energy and great hair. Not many people can make breakfast burritos everyday. Besides super heroes. But they don’t have a sense of humor.

It’s all about the give-and-take. The day-by-day.


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