About Mimi

My name is Mimi.  I’m a photographer, baker, cook, paddler, hiker, swimmer, biker, and marathon napper.  Oh, and I play the ukulele (ooh-koo-leh-leh).

I went to school in Boston for photojournalism, graduated a bit before my prime and decided to become a full-time bread baker at Clear Flour Bread.  I swiftly became a full-fledged foodie, experimenting with recipes and spending moneys on fancy restaurants and cocktails.

Born and raised in Hawai’i, I find it difficult to be away from my home for long, due to craving the ocean or craving the rampant Asian influences in everyday life.  Examples: the Christmas before I entered my freshman year, my parents gave me a rice cooker; the one thing I asked my parents to send here to Boston was a jar of furikake (salted seaweed and sesame seeds); and my fridge always has to have kim chi.

At my apple core, I’m a photographer.  I travel to stay sane, mostly around the Pacific, but have dreams of visiting Europe in the near future.

So somewhere in the past year, my two passions decided to elope and their future is yet to be seen.

The majority of dishes on this site are my own, either by combining numerous recipes or being creative with what’s in my cabinet.  I am a vegetarian and like to experiment with vegan baking.

I’ve had several stories published in Local Hawai’i Magazine, which I still try to write for while abroad.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for being a part of this.  Try my recipes out.  Cooking is fun, I promise.


13 thoughts on “About Mimi

  1. awesome back flip picture! your food photos are amazing and make me incredibly jealous!
    have you heard of foodgawker.com?
    you must submit your photos there i’m sure they’ll be accepted and it’s a great way to get more ppl on your blog! i have yet to have any photos accepted tear tear haha!
    and thanks so much for the link to my blog on your site!

  2. Hey Mimi,

    Your site looks awesome! How do I see other recipes and things you have made?! They all look delicious! Hope your doing well,


  3. hello mimi!! i was browsing the internet randomly, when i came across a photo you had taken of my nana in mangaia 🙂 how cool is that!! keep up the good photography!!! couldnt help but look through all your photos. wow!

    all the best,

  4. What a treasure! Mimi, I just came across your blog and I adore it. I love your witty writing style and of course, your veggie eats.

    I look forward to following you. Great to connect with you!

  5. Hey Mimi,

    Heard about your blog from Amy Bond, a friend, your friend. Really enjoyed reading through the recipes. I was wondering, do you have a list of recommended veg. restaurants around Boston and Cambridge? I don’t have a kitchen and would welcome the opportunity to vary my Harvard Sq. veg diet.


    • Aaaabsolutely!

      In Cambridge, there’s Veggie Planet and Veggie Galaxy, which are, hands-down, the most scrumptious veggie places in that part of town. If you’re willing to take a bus to Watertown, there’s also Red Lentil. I wrote a review about that place a few months back – it’s amazing and they have fresh-squeezed juices that I can’t even begin to describe.

      I’m also obsessed with food trucks, and I’m pretty sure that Clover and Momogoose (my favorite mobile eateries) have locations on the Cambridge side. You can look up their website and find their locations throughout the week.

      On the Boston side of the river, there’s Grasshopper, a veggie/Vietnamese place that serves only vegan food. Try their “No Name” dish, which is a spin on orange chicken (it’s made with seitan). Right next door is Piece o’ Pie, a vegan pizza restaurant that I haven’t been to in a while, but I hear it’s yummy.

      That should get you started on your hunt! Let me know if you stumble upon any gems 🙂

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